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sinAsylum Europe

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Travel Current Europe  | open in a new window

Travel Current is a leading provider of discount travel and lodging services worldwide, offering reservation services through its own websites (including and others), its affiliate partner network, and toll-free call centres across Europe and the  United States.

Our flagship product gives travellers one of the widest selections of lodging accommodations from traditional hotels to vacation rentals at more than 25,000 properties worldwide. Other travel and hospitality services include air travel services, car rentals, cruises, rail, vacation packaging, local attractions and outdoor activities.

The company offers a one-stop shopping solution for every kind of traveller and travel planning. Offering the web's lowest rates and specials, Travel Current also offers shoppers the ability to select and compare hotels and cruises. Searchable by locale, including city, state, country or continental region. Other search options include service provider, amenities, landmarks, ship or port, and more; with the use of sophisticated yet simple-to-use technology.

Travel Current is a privately held business with it's primary headquarters based in the United States. It was established by sinAsylum and, an Expedia, Inc. company, during April of 2004. Crossing International boundaries, Travel Current's 31 sites are offered in more than 12 languages.

Page One Search UK  | open in a new window -- NEW!

Page One Search UK is a search engine that offers innovative search technologies that deliver relevant information to users fast and efficiently. Page One Search provides users with millions of search options every day. Page One Search UK is a sister engine to WeekendRUSH Search UK and the global search engine found at WeekendRUSH Search.

Local Chase UK  | open in a new window -- NEW!

Local Chase UK represents a group of online guides here to help you get through day-to-day living by giving you an easy way to discover great local resources available in your area. For travellers, it serves as a portal for planning and researching so you can enjoy the benefits of every local community you plan to visit.  |  open in a new window is a part of a global shopping network called shopAsylum, serving users in 26 European countries. Mobile product offerings including ring tones, mobile videos, personalized services for mobile users as well as other useful shopping tools.

DMI Web Services Europe   |  open in a new window

DMI Web Services Europe offers a suite of online web management and creation tools for small-to-medium sized business in the Europe, Canada and the United States. Some services include web hosting, website design, search engine marketing, business email service, domain name registration, e-commerce solutions, blog tools and e-newsletter publishing.

The company is comprised of a number of 'DMI' branded small business services. Additional brands include and

DMI Web Hosting  |  open in a new window

DMI Web Hosting is a privately held company dedicated to helping individuals and businesses create a powerful online presence easily and economically. DWH has grown considerably by providing a comprehensive array of web services backed by superior service and the latest technology. Currently, more than 200,000 domains from over 150 countries are securely hosted in our tier one network.

As a total web hosting solutions provider, our product offerings include shared web hosting, e-commerce, and dedicated web hosting as well as domain registration and web design. Through partnerships with key industry leaders, vital development and marketing tools are also available to enhance your website and to help your business grow.

WeekendRUSH UK & Ireland  |  open in a new window

With the WeekendRUSH UK & Ireland web portal you can search the web and find the latest local event information on the WeekendRUSH Local city guides. Users can also sign up for a free RUSHMail email account and find the latest news coverage on local events, world situations, health, and entertainment on one website. Before heading our on holiday, be sure to check the weather forecast while surfing The UK's Home Page.™

WeekendRUSH Mobile Entertainment  |  open in a new window

A sister site of, WeekendRUSH Mobile Entertainment serves a community of users in 26 countries in Europe. It's mobile product line includes personalized ringtone services,  mobile videos, wallpapers, logos, screensavers and more.